Lady Leshurr - Black Madonna Ft Mr Eazi ( Clip and Lyrics)

Lady Leshurr
Listen up star
Fast gyal unuh drive fast cyar
I'm inside like interior
Top drop down but you can't see the bra
Been trippy for a while
I stay dripping in the style (sauce)
I touch the beat and it's a murder
999 pon di dial
Yeah boy I do Major things
That will shock somebody cops and tazer things
G from Eleven seen Some Stranger Things
Indian marriage I'm a have fi Arrange the tings
Like yo, she did it again
Sick with the pen

Quick, get in the Benz
And bring ya friends 

Drive slow
I'm sipping the henny I'm in the ends

St Kitts in the building Caribbean
Wah blow

You know how we all get down now
When we in the club goes down
You know how we all get down now

Like whoah
The black madonna
Style and vogue
Big shot caller
pon the phone like

Mr Eazi

Black Panamera, black Panamera
Get a beat and rip it up like a piranha
Black everything, black everything
Black jet and black benzs
Ha ha ha!
Big batty gyal good evening
Tell me what’s cooking down there in a yuh kitchen
Fried plantain friend dumpling
I know this African D’s what you’re missing
Step up in the club like WHOAH!
Big bum bum we be like WHOAH!
Bottles going up like WHOAH!
Are you mad like 

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