Sizzla - Nah apologize (locked up riddim) #Music #HipHop #Dancehall #Lyrics

Bredba: Yo Dadda...
Sizzla: Yow,who dat?
Bredba: Me man,Bredba.Yuh no see wha' demput inna de paper?Dem talk 'bout
say fi apologize to batty-boy.Apologhize fuh wha'?Dem fi apologize to Jah!
Gunshot dem fi get!
Now this is an anthem!
Blaze up de fire,push up your hands dem
Big up de lioness with de lion dem bu'n!
Ah me say Holy Emanuel I, King Selassie I,Jah! Ras Tafari
It is good to give thanks unto The Most High,King Selassie I,and sing praise
unto his name,Most High Jah!
Ras Tafari just throw forth his love and kindness in the morning and the faithfulness
every night,upon an instrument of ten strings! alright,take it to dem,King.
Beautiful people,Kalonji love yuh honour thy mothers and thy fathers
but here's the judgement alright

Rastaman don't apologize to no batty-boy
If yuh dis' King Selassie I,mih gunshot yuh boy
Gimme de whole ah de girls dem cause ah dem have de joy
Inna de lake of fire me dash yuh boy
Badman don't apologize to no batty-boy
If yuh dis' Black people,ey,mih gun will shot yuh boy
Gimme de whole ah de girls dem cause ah dem have de joy
Inna de lake of fire me dash yuh ahhoy

[Verse 1]
The girls dem sexy,and dem pussy fat
Yeah,all the girls the boys dem looking at
Some boy bow down bow down doing what?
Nothing in the world could ever have me doing that
Ah don't care if they ban me
Damn,me say fi bu'n batty-man,yuh cyah wrong me
Yow,me nah born over England,a real African this
Real real real Rasatman this! boom!


[Verse 2]
Gwaan like dem smart and gwaan like dem crafty
Yow,shoot dem inna dem heart,dem too f^^king nasty
De gyal dem have de p^^^y and de stiff ti^^y and de cute face,
and de boy dem walk pass-y
Damn,it's the lyrical phase...this alone make dem fret
Inna de Biblical bass we use to stone dem to death
Whoa! de sexy girls dem mih sex
And when me say "bu'n batty-man!", nah vex! damn!


[Verse 3]
Where dem come from dey must ha' parents
So how the fuckk dem gone de wrong way and ah ride a rear end
Alright...big piece,ah glad disappear dem
Go make dem know say we no fear dem
Damn!...we doh walk inna batty-man yard
We doh give a fuck if dem ban we from Scotland Yard
Yow! King Selassie bu'n Babylon because dem a fraud
Me hail de King and Lord of Lords


[Verse 4]
Me say: push up de lighter dem,blaze uo de torch
When me done bu'n dem mother f^^kers,let dem roast,damn,or leave ah parch
Fuckers well I wah see who dey march
And dey say de ras war wouldda start,wow!


[Verse 5]
Yow Yeah,go and read yuh Bible and read Leviticus
Yuh live in a clean land,then yuh can live with us
Ha ha...ey...ey yow
What dey say dey do,try to ban me from the UK
Mother fuckers I'm from Ethiopia,Africa...yow...straight to Zimbabwe
Yeah,praise Selassie I every night and every day
And sexy girl and ghetto youths don't go astray
Cause badman don't apologize to no batty-boy
Fire bu'n dem

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